A way to better separate work and personal

There’s probably many many ways to separate work and personal “modes”. I’d like an option along the lines to switch between work and personal mode where I assign particular accounts to each. In my case I’d have three personal account and one work account

I understand I can achieve this with smartboxes, but I’m feeling the urge to not create a smartbox for everything. In a way to achieve the result I’d like it would end up with a personal and work version of each smart box but would result in a lot of cognitive load and noise.

Another addition would be focus mode integration where I can choose various settings to be tailored to whether or not my work focus mode is on including notifications.

Totally agree on all this! Focus modes aren’t live in the TestFlight build yet, but they’ll be enabled soon. Hopefully that will solve this!

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In addition to focus modes, it would be nice to be able to toggle between these modes without relying 100% on the system OS focus modes and also toggle within BigMail specifically. The idea is to not have to duplicate all of the smartboxes and have a personal and work smartboxes.

Is this something that is being considered as well?

Maybe this is as simple as having a segmented control at the top of the homescreen to switch between personal and work views with even. I never really want to see work and personal in the same inbox. Although, this isn’t scalable if someone would want something more custom than work/personal.