App crashes on inbox refresh

What happened?
When I open the app, the app tries to refresh my mailbox and then the app crashes.

What did you expect to happen?
The app actually lets me see my emails

Steps to reproduce
Use Big Mail, add an iCloud account, wait for emails to be put into the app, force close the app, open the app again

What version of iOS?
iOS 17 beta 1

What build number of Big Mail?
(You can find this in TestFlight)
2.0 (22)

Hey Jace, thanks for the report!

A couple of questions that will help narrow down the problem:

  1. When you add the add account, what happens immediately after?
    Does the sign in sheet dismiss, or do you close it?
  2. Do you see any mailboxes in the main list?
  3. If you go to App Settings > Accounts has it been added? If you tap on it, what do you see under the heading “Mailbox Locations”?
  1. after i added the account, it worked as normal (icloud), then i added a google mailbox (gmail), also worked fine. After force closing since i was done, i opened it again, and the app keeps crashing after getting like 10% into refreshing the mailboxes
  2. I do yes, see video: RPReplay_Final1686392767
  3. Yes they do appear.

Thanks Jace that’s really helpful!

It looks like there may be an email somewhere tripping it up. It would explain why you’ve connected and got your mailboxes okay, but it crashes during the sync.

If you could share the crash log when prompted I’ll be able to see where in the parser it’s happening.

Also just to double check: did you delete all your Smartboxes intentionally or did they disappear too?

I’ve shared the crash log around 3 times :sweat_smile:, i’ve done it again right now with my email attached.

I don’t believe i had any smartboxes? If i did, i probably removed them manually as i already have folders for them in my mail account

Thanks that’s great, I’ve got it.

And the app should have looked something like this when you installed it. Let me know if that wasn’t the case!

Edit: also I’d be curious to know if you’re not using Smartboxes, would you not miss being able to use the custom views like Timeline and Gallery?

I honestly haven’t even used them yet, I’ve seen the different views the app offers. I went through all the settings and didn’t find something relating to that.

Also i don’t think the app looked like that for me, I might have turned them off during onboarding if that was a thing?

Smartboxes do look very useful, though i don’t see how they are any different from rules in Mac’s Mail app. If Smartboxes sync, as in they are able to be transfered across mail clients later in the future, then that would be great and i’d probably use them since the Big Mail implementation is way better.

That’s interesting! It’s not an option during onboarding, so I’d be curious if they ever got imported for you. You can reset the app by going to App Settings > Reset Everything if you want to take a look at them. Right now the only way to use message layouts, quick actions, smart labels, etc is through a Smartbox.

We’ll have a fix for your crash in the next build so you can try it out properly :-).