Archived emails still in inbox?

Not sure if this is a bug or not, so I’m posting it as a thought. I’ve noticed that, once I archive emails via Big Mail on my phone, the same emails are still in my Gmail inbox when I check via either Mimestream on the Mac or the Gmail webui. Is this supposed to be the case?

Hey Sean, that definitely doesn’t sound right. Do you have anymore details, specifically:

  • When did this start happening?
  • Does it happen every single time?
  • Is it one account in particular, or many?

I’m gonna have to wait until it happens again, and then I’ll report back. I noticed it because I typically manage my email on my phone, but I happened to sit down at my desktop and found a lot of old emails still sitting in my inbox.

I’ll keep an eye on things, and report back once I have more info.

I think I may have figured out part of the issue. I archive/delete a lot of emails via notification actions. It looks like these actions don’t actually happen until I open the app up next. What I may have noticed was that I had performed actions on a lot of emails that day, but hadn’t actually opened the app. I then sat down at my desktop and saw all the emails still in the inbox.

I’m assuming the fact that actions don’t happen until the app is open isn’t a bug but is due to some sort of iOS limitation, correct?

That definitely sounds like a bug. Actions from notifications should be synced immediately (unless there’s an issue with the connection, then they get performed on the next app open).

Next time you try to archive from a notification if you could share debug logs immediately after I can take a look at whats happening. (App settings > help > debug)