📦 Big Mail - Build 32


  • Inboxes that weren’t English gave a “Unknown Mailbox” error and failed to sync.
  • Big Mail Online prevented syncing of accounts when the service became unavailable.
  • Some messages were being trimmed too aggressively when viewing a thread.
  • Some characters were being encoded incorrectly when composing.
  • Some event invites may not have decoded correctly.
  • AutoReply would sometimes insert into the wrong position of a message.
  • Adding photos to a message would sometimes fail saying the file doesn’t exist.


  • You can now give your account a nickname / description.
  • You can now choose a default account to send new mail from.
  • You can now choose between emojis or symbols for your Smartbox icons.
  • Smart Labels, Dates and more now support negative filtering.


  • The unread count now defaults to messages in your inbox only.
  • Smartbox address filters can now filter whole domains, not just an individual address
  • AutoReply has been instructed to be more brief and succinct.