📦 Big Mail - Build 36


  • Nested folders from certain mail providers (Fastmail, Startmail) could cause an “unexpectedResponse” error during sync.
  • Customisations to the reader toolbar (long press on a toolbar item) are now persisted.
  • Some 8bit emails weren’t decoded correctly.
  • Certain mailboxes could cause a crash during sync.


  • Notifications received from an Apple private relay address now use the correct avatar instead of the Apple logo.
  • You can now choose an alias as your default sender (Note: if you set a default account before, you’ll need to select an address again)
  • Replying to a message that was sent to an alias will now correctly set the default from field.
  • Reader: Unread messages in a thread will now display an indicator.
  • Reader: You can now action a specific message in a thread.