📦 Big Mail - Build 40

“Express mode” now enables faster refreshes. This mode turns off many ‘correctness checks’, dials logging back, and throttles up the number of connections.

This is our first test of express in the wild and we anticipate more errors than usual. If you’re having problems, please restore to the previous build via the TestFlight app and get in touch.


  • We’ve redesigned the sync indicator to give a more accurate representation of the current sync status.

  • Big Mail will now restore to the last Smartbox or Mailbox you were in.

  • You can now set a default ‘pop’ behaviour when archiving or deleting messages in the reader (go back, or go next).

  • Links now open inside Big Mail by default. You can customise this in App Settings > General.

  • Messages that have been read in other mail clients will clear their corresponding notification in Big Mail.


  • Refreshing mailboxes and fetching new messages should now be much faster.

  • Actions that fail due to poor internet connectivity will be retried later.

  • Messages that have been replied to now show an indicator.

  • Error messages have been improved and include more detail.

  • You can now configure aliases in account settings.

  • Notification previews now have more padding.


Some things we’re trialing: what do you think?

  • An ellipsis in the reader now denotes “More” instead of the “Reply” icon that’s used by Mail.

  • List views now show what folders a message is in, as well as what labels it has.


  • Some thumbnail would show an incorrect preview of the message.

  • Some notifications would fail to open when tapped.

  • Some notifications would fail to be delivered from certain contacts.

  • Some messages would appear as unread after being marked as read.

  • Some attachments would fail to open or have incorrect thumbnails.

  • It was not possible to enter a new recipient address when forwarding an email.

  • Some messages in search results would fail to load their preview.

  • Deleting an account or mailbox would cause syncing issues with Big Mail Online.

  • Deleting an account wouldn’t immediately disable push notifications.

  • The UI could become unresponsive and ‘jittery’ during long refreshes.

  • Some messages received via push notification that contained invisible characters could cause duplicated copies.

  • It was not possible to reauthorise Outlook accounts if you were signed out.


  • The sync indicator can sometimes get stuck on “Fetching new mail”. Workaround: Restart Big Mail and sync again.

  • The Swipe to Achieve/Trash animation appears glitchy

  • Lists will sometimes “flash” towards the end of syncing