📦 Big Mail - Build 43

NOTE: Previously synced attachments will no longer open/show. If you want to access older attachments, please delete the app and restore from Big Mail Online.


  • You can now set Big Mail as your default mail client. System and “mailto” links will now open the compose sheet.
  • Folders and labels can now be renamed.
  • You can now customise the layout, quick action and icon of a label or folder.
  • You can view the status of Big Mail Online services inside Help.


  • Smartboxes maintain their scroll position during syncing.
  • Notification quick actions now respect your Trash / Archive preference.
  • The default swipe gesture inside Archive is now “Inbox”.
  • Signing into Big Mail Online will now prompt you to merge only if there’s a conflict.
  • Tapping a long email address in a contact profile will now expand it.


  • Smartboxes would ‘flash’ during syncing.
  • The filter button inside mailboxes would do nothing.
  • Attachments received via push notifications became corrupted.


  • Layout, quick action, and icon customisations for labels/folders aren’t synced to Big Mail Online.
  • Swipe to archive animation ‘glitches’
  • Smartboxes/Mailboxes may briefly appear empty