📦 Big Mail - Build 52


  • Smartboxes now support filtering by Accounts, plus:
  • Time: Filter by morning, afternoon, or evening. Want to block out new messages before work? Try “is not This Morning”.
  • Days: Filter messages received within the past X number of days.


  • You can now choose a Layout and Quick Action for regular mailboxes like Inbox and Spam.
  • The Smartbox editor will now show warnings for ‘impossible’ configurations.
  • You can now delete a mailbox from the editor sheet.
  • We’ve refined the “More” sheet to be more organised.
  • You can now block a contact directly from the more sheet.


  • The unread count in certain situations would fail to update.
  • Reordering Smartboxes would fail.
  • Deleting a Smartbox from the main menu would fail to refresh the list.
  • Changes made to a Smartbox’s appearance weren’t immediately reflected in the UI.
  • Deleted messages could still appear inside of a thread.
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