🐞 Big Mail Known Issues

This is a list of known issues with the latest build of Big Mail. We’ll try keep this updated as best we can!

To report any issues that aren’t listed here please start a new topic and follow the template.

iOS 17
We’d strongly recommend running Big Mail on iOS 16 only.

  • If you do decide to run on iOS 17 you’ll see frequent crashing with Widgets, background tasks and notifications.


  • There’s very little in the way of onboarding.
  • After adding a new account, the sheet may not dismiss.
  • Navigating to another level in the app may not animate.
  • Sometimes sheets fail to present (Reply, More, etc).
  • The Swipe to Achieve/Trash animation appears glitchy
  • Arching/Trashing from the more sheet in the reader will not ‘pop’ to the next message.


  • The sync indicator can sometimes get stuck on “Fetching new mail”. Workaround: Restart Big Mail and sync again.
  • Syncing may be slower than expected due to increased logging.
  • Syncing large number of mailboxes can be quite slow.

Smart Labels

  • Currently Smart Labels only work for English emails
  • Big Mail seems a little too happy to label things as a Purchase.


  • The navigation bar doesn’t adjust its tint colour when you scroll on a message with a tint.
  • Messages in threads aren’t automatically loaded. Workaround: Tap the message to load.
  • Some emails in dark mode aren’t rendered correctly.


  • There is currently no rich text formatting window. Workaround: Highlight the text and select text format, then you can add bold or italic text.
  • There is currently no insert list option.
  • Images and files cannot be pasted into the compose window.
  • Attachments cannot be inserted inline (images, pdf, etc)
  • The Camera / Scanner button does not open.
  • Plain text emails are not included as part of the thread when replying.

Message Lists

  • If your Smartbox has “Group by Conversations” enabled, deleting a message in it won’t delete the whole thread.

Timeline View

  • Thumbnails are not yet preloaded ahead of time and so may be slow to appear.

Gallery View

  • Thumbnails are not yet preloaded ahead of time and so may be slow to appear.

Contact Profiles

  • Some avatars for some websites may not display correctly.

Auto Reply

  • It’s possible to access Auto Reply before you have signed into Big Mail Online resulting in an authorised error. Workaround: Sign into Big Mail Online first.


  • The events list may appear blank, show duplicates, and is generally quite unfinished.
  • You can’t respond to an invite.

Push Notifications

  • Tapping a notification may result in “Message not found”
  • We may temporarily suspend the push service intermittently throughout the day, resulting in dropped notifications.
  • You won’t be prompted to register for push notifications if you sign in from the Welcome screen. Workaround: Sign in from App Settings instead.
  • Push notifications are off by default, even after registering. Workaround: Enable in App Settings > Notifications.
  • The unread count may not update after receiving a push notification.

Big Mail Online

  • There is currently no way to reset your Pass Keys should you lose access. Workaround: Please contact support.
  • There is currently no way to delete your Big Mail Online account. Workaround: Please contact support.
  • Changes to your Smartbox, Notes, Reply Later, etc, aren’t yet ‘pushed’. Workaround: Pull to refresh to trigger sync.
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