Development Dead (again)?

Current build is going to expire in a few days, and there first seem to be any signs of life in over a month.

Hopefully, their working on the iPadOS/macOS builds!

I want nothing more than for Big Mail to succeed. I’ve been rooting for it since its original launch a couple of summers ago. That being said, I feel like I’ve gotten my hopes up (and then subsequently dashed) multiple times at this point. I get that they’re essentially a one-man development team, but I do wish there weren’t so many long stretches of absolute silence. It makes me incredibly nervous to pay for a subscription.

I hear you, but you’re right, he is a one man development team working on three platforms. From the last development update he had to refactor most of the back end to make it work reliably for the other platforms. Email is no small undertaking. It’s also just still in beta after all.

I have faith BigMail will succeed. :slight_smile:

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Yeah to be fair, the developer could be a bit more active on these forums even when there is no development progress for a while.

Hey thanks for the comments all and apologies for the lack of updates. I will make an effort to post at the very least biweekly updates here going forward.

Development has been non-stop though and hopefully can share a lot more news next week.

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One month check-in. Any updates?

I have a post drafted for tomorrow :slight_smile:

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