📣 Development Update


I wanted to post a quick update on…well, the lack of updates. This wasn’t intentional so I thought it’d be helpful to share where things are currently at.

Firstly, thanks for all the feedback and bug reports so far. Most (if not all) issues flagged have been fixed in some shape or form.

So why have there been no new builds? Well, the plan was to get the iPad version out at the same time as these fixes. Some of you clever-clogs have already figured out how to run the current build on your iPad, and as you’ve probably noticed it’s…fine. Whilst there are some obvious things to improve (windowing and keyboard shortcuts to name but two) it didn’t feel a like it was million miles away. Oh Phill. Stupid Phill.

Without going into too much detail, some of the system APIs Big Mail is built on top of have some…shall we say…rough edges. What started out as merely sanding down aforementioned rough edges has turned into ripping up the entire floor. Incredibly frustrating, but no way around it.

The second thing that happened is the Mac build. As not to fall into the same trap as iPad I wanted to ensure the work being done now is going to be OK on the Mac, and that meant pulling the Mac version along at the same time.

What does all this mean? Well the good news is things are looking much better. I can now see a clear path forward. I am pushing really hard for a new build next week. The other good news is that all this (unexpected) work has brought the Mac version up to a point where we can start a beta soon too.

So thanks again for your patience, and sorry to leave you hanging on a buggy build!

As always give me a ping if you have any problems or questions.