Features that could use more user education

I’ve found a few features that I feel don’t have quite enough educational moments to easily understand.

  • Smart labels: apply automatically: There’s no onboarding step describing smart labels, so it’s not immediately obvious what they are when you first start using the app. When I first saw this setting, I had no idea what this would do. I disabled it, thinking that it would create new Gmail labels and apply them to new messages. I now know that’s not the case, but more education around this might help.
  • Smart labels vs. regular labels: Continuing from above, the difference between labels and smart labels wasn’t immediately obvious. I wonder if overloading the “label” terminology for smart labels exacerbates the onboarding confusion? Personally, when I hear “label” I equate this to a Gmail label. “Category” could potentially also work here?
  • Big Mail Online: After creating an account, it’s not clear what data is tied to the account. The “delete account” button has a blurb about data being irreversibly lost, but it’s not clear what data would be lost, and whether it would delete any of my actual email data.
  • Show Top Contacts: I genuinely didn’t think it was possible to hide this row until I randomly toggled this setting to see what it would do. Either adding the visibility option to the context menu on long press of the row, or adding a visualization to the pinned preview within the smart box settings would help discoverability.

iOS 17’s tipkit API maybe? :thinking:

Thanks for detailed notes, completely agree!

As you’ve noticed there’s zero onboarding anywhere in the app right now. Once we’ve gotten features a bit more locked down, we’ll get to it.

Smart Labels are in the process of being renamed to ‘Smart Tags’ which should help distinct them from labels.

Weirdly the ‘Show Top Contacts’ toggle used to update the floating preview along with the other settings…not sure when that stopped working. Will take a look, thanks!

Ah Smart Tags are perfect, good to hear it’s being adjusted.

On a similar note, I’ve noticed most of the help article links are broken, but based on your comment it sounds like this is likely to be a known issue that’ll get ironed out alongside the introduction of more onboarding.