Force to hit return after typing email address in

What happened?
When I type and email address into the “To:” box (or paste it in), and then tap the subject or body box to continue with the email, Big Mail won’t let me send the message. I have to go back to the “To:” box and hit return for the app to register that I’ve put an address in there.

What did you expect to happen?
I would hope that moving away from the “To:” box by any means would cause the app to check whether an email address is in the box.

Steps to reproduce
See above.

What mail provider(s) are you using?

What version of iOS?
iOS 17 beta 3

What build number of Big Mail?
(You can find this in TestFlight)
2.0 (52)

Thanks for the report Sean, so it does! I’ve just fixed this now (it was literally one line missing :man_facepalming:). It’ll be in the next build.