Forward email to Flighty returned an error

Context: I use Flighty, similar to TripIt to organize my flights. They have a feature where you can forward a flight itinerary email and it will automatically import the data including booking code, seat, etc to fill out more of my flight info. TripIt does something very similar.

I immediately forwarded my email from Spark and it worked just fine. Although, honestly I can’t wait to ditch Spark in favor of Big Mail :slight_smile:

What happened?
I forwarded a flight itinerary and received this error from Flighty:

We received your email but could not detect enough of the mandatory information to import any flights.

Please try again

  • with an email directly from your airline or booking website

:airplane: Flighty

What did you expect to happen?
No error and for Flighty to add my flight info.

Steps to reproduce
Forwarded email again

What mail provider(s) are you using?
iCloud and Gmail

What version of iOS?
iOS 17 public release

What build number of Big Mail?
2.0 (53)

Thanks for your hard work on Big Mail!

Sorry for missing this!

Do you know if the flight itinerary email was plain text or html? There was a bug where plain emails weren’t getting embedded correctly on reply/forwards, which might explain it.

Interestingly the original email is showing up as plain text in Big Mail, but html in other emails. And when I check the forwarded email by tapping the three dots in Big Mail, it shows html.