Generic push notification

What happened?
I seem to be receiving both detailed and generic push notifications. I’m not able to see which account is delivering generic push notifications right now since when I tap on the notification I’m always brought to the inbox view.

What did you expect to happen?
Receive details in the push notification about the email like some of the others.

Steps to reproduce
Receive new push notification

What mail provider(s) are you using?
1 icloud and 3 gmail

What version of iOS?
17.0 b2

What build number of Big Mail?
(You can find this in TestFlight)
2.0 (36)

Thanks for the report! Is this the “You’ve got mail” notification?

This can sometimes happen if you have poor connectivity at the time you receive the notification, as Big Mail isn’t able to fetch the message in time in the background.

Do you notice it happening on just one particular account, or does it affect all accounts intermittently?

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Yes, this is the “You’ve got mail” notification.

I wonder if this is due to connectivity. I life in SF and am in 5G all the time. I also have 1GB up and down at home with a wifi 6 router and clock 600 down regularly.

I can’t tell which accounts it happening to specifically since I can’t tap into it to see the direct email (it goes to the general inbox). That being said I’m only seeing “You’ve got mail” messages at this point and makes me wonder if I ever did see more detailed messages.

Hmm that does sound like something is going wrong with the notification extension. I haven’t tested on iOS 17 so it’s possible something has changed, but to rule it out would you mind DMing me a screenshot of your Big Mail notification settings (App Settings > Notifications) and I’ll take a look.

Looks like i forgot that i turned off notifications for all of my accounts in the big mail settings. I turned them back on and seem to now be receiving details in the notification.

Although, it feels like an unexpected behavior to be still receiving the generic notification with notifications turned off for all accounts.

That is definitely unexpected!

I’d be curious if at any point you removed and added the same account again?

My best guess would be the push server didn’t get told you want notifications to stop, and so carried on sending them. Then when your device got the notification it couldn’t find the account.

If not…then I’m a puzzled and will need to have a mess around and see if I can recreate!

I actually did. I had an icloud account added, but solely use an alias on that account. I removed and readded it using the alias (since apple now allows you sign in using aliases, i think) since I couldnt figure out how to add an alias.

for troubleshooting purposes, I turned off notifications again on all accounts and will see if they continue to come in.

Ahh I think that explains it then. There’s a bug atm where account deletions are “hard” (they get destroyed immediately and the delete is not synced) so the push server continues delivering. This is all fixed in the next update.

And aliases are missing from account settings, but you can add one from the compose sheet (just tap From, then add alias).

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