Is Not filter for smartboxes

Unless I’m being silly, I don’t think there’s an easy way to filter negatively (E.g. Smart Label is not Newsletter) when customising smartboxes. This would be super helpful for filtering out newsletters from certain Smartboxes.

One way I could see this working is being able to create a new filter group with the option to “Match none of the following”.

You are most definitely not being silly!

There’s currently no UI for choosing a ‘comparer’ on Smart Labels, but it’s there lurking under the hood…I just haven’t settled on the best way to expose it in the interface yet. (Some filters like Subject already expose their comparer, but labels looked odd with it).

I’ll have a little play around with it today!

Negative filtering is live in Build 32!


Love this! The UI is great too.

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Lovely! Thanks for adding this so fast!

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