Random photos in email

Random, incorrect images are replacing images in emails, as per the attached image.

What mail provider(s) are you using?


What version of iOS?


What build number of Big Mail?


(You can find this in TestFlight)

Hey Simon,

That is an odd one!

Is it happening on just this one email, or have you seen it happen on other messages too? Are the images from a prior message in the same thread, or do they seem to be from an unrelated thread altogether?

If you’re okay to share the message you could forward it to hello@bigmail.app from another email client. I also completely understand if you’d prefer not to, in which case we can try troubleshoot another way.

Odd indeed! The images appear to be completely random. I’ve seen it on other messages too. I’ll forward the message above to you by email so you can take a look. Thanks!

Thanks for sending that Simon, much appreciated.

It actually looks like some installations of Big Mail haven’t setup the cache directory correctly and so it’s leading to conflicts.

This behaviour has been fixed in an update that will go out later today. Once you have the update you’ll need to perform a ‘repair sync’ (App Settings > Help > Repair Sync > Message Contents). Then everything should sort itself out.

Sorry about that, and thanks for your help!

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