Request: Mailbox is not filter type

It would be great to have a “mailbox is not” option similar to mailbox type. I’m seeing “purchases” show up from spam and would love to exclude the spam folder specifically in a smartbox.

Thanks, I’ll get to negative filtering for mailboxes eventually, but in the meantime this should achieve the same result:

This makes sense! I think I wasn’t using a separate group for junk and was getting unexpected results.

Curious, what does selected mailbox type “folder” or “label” accomplish. Is that ALL folders or labels, or is it a subset that excludes things such as inbox, trash, junk, etc?

Will have a think if there’s a way to make it a bit clearer (or just have a better default).

And the folder / label type is distinct from any ‘special’ folder (e.g inbox, sent, etc). So basically anything you created yourself.

Great, that makes a lot of since. Very useful too :slight_smile: