Request: Remember selected tab/folder when launching app

When launching the app today, it always opens to the default navigation menu. Ideally, it would remember which inbox I was last browsing and open that automatically.

Additionally, it would be nice if the app remembered the collapsed/uncollapsed state of sections in the menu.

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Thanks for the feedback! That was actually the old default behaviour, but we had a lot of people ask for it go back to the home screen. Perhaps a setting…we’ll see what we can do.


I would love a setting for this :slight_smile:

Interesting! I can understand people wanting the current behavior as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

Something to think about would be context. If I tap a link, leave big mail, and then return quickly id like to see the email i was viewing to not interrupt my workflow.

But then if I’ve left the app for that “session” returning to the homescreen would be nice. Not sure if there’s a reliable way to infer this.

I’d probably default to returning to the view I was in if i had to choose either/or.

Completely agree!

What I’ve done is added a default ‘restore’ location for where to go back to when the app is reopened after the system kills it. This is a pretty close approximation to a session and I think is how most other apps behave.