Using Delete is too hard

Maybe it’s just me but I like to be able to delete emails and I find it a bit hard to get to a delete button. Maybe I’m missing something.

Update. I was able to replace archive with delete which is better. I wish I could customize all the swipe actions. I use archive and delete more than star.

Hey Andrew, thanks for the feedback!

I’m glad you found you can customise the default delete behaviour! This will update it not only in swipe gestures, but throughout the entire app.

The swipe actions changes depending on the context, so we just need to think of a good way to keep that behaviour whilst allowing for customisation. We’re working on it!

It does but not at the bottom of the screen of an individual email. I can’t seem to find any way to delete from here.

Press and hold on archive. It will bring up a menu to change the default to delete.

Thanks Dominic, that’s right!

There’s a bug atm where this isn’t swapping based on the preference, but as Dominic mentions you can long press and set it manually.

Hope that helps.