Viewing next email when deleting

I noticed that this is a known issue. Please delete :slight_smile: I’m not able to for some reason.

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I also don’t want to stay on the deleted (or archived) email, but I’d prefer to go back to the inbox view.

So, I’d like an option to either go back to the list of emails or go to the next email when I delete or archive the email I’m currently viewing.

Maybe this should even extend to more actions, for instance if I reply to an email. To me, when I delete, archive or reply to an email then I’m done with it (at least for the moment) and it would make sense to go back to the list of emails or to go to the next email.


Ditto on this. I would love an option to go back to inbox vs next email. And if we could configure this per Smart Inbox. Next email would be great for newsletters but but my inbox.

Thanks for the feedback all! I think a setting for this is the way to go.

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