Where is deleted Smart Folder?

Not sure if I’m missing something here or not. I have 2 accounts set up , yahoo & Gmail. Each account has its own deleted folder. Where can I access a unified deleted Smart Folder ? When I’ve deleted an email & I wish to say go into my deleted emails the following day , can I not have a Deleted Smart Folder pinned so they are stacked with the other 5 smart folders I have ? It’s just a quicker , more convenient way for me to see deleted mail & retrieve if need be.

If there’s not such a thing , what’s the best workaround for this , rather than accessing each accounts individual deleted folder. Many thanks.

Sounds like you might want to make an “All Trashed” Smartbox. Tap add > New Smartbox > Add Filter > Mailbox Type, then set it to Trash.

Cheers Phil, superstar.

As I couldn’t see one that was already there , wasn’t sure if was a bug my end. I shall set one up.

Just a thought. Would it not be beneficial to have one included , as per the other pre made Smartboxes ?

That’s interesting, I haven’t given too much thought about including a default deleted Smartbox.

I’ll have a think and see if it comes up from anyone else, cheers!