iCloud with custom domain alias

What happened?

I’ve tried to send an email from my custom domain alias on iCloud and got an error.

What did you expect to happen?

Send the email successfully.

Steps to reproduce
Add an iCloud account with a custom domain.

Add an alias for said domain

Send an email from custom domain alias

What mail provider(s) are you using?

What version of iOS?


What build number of Big Mail?
(You can find this in TestFlight)

Version: 2.0 (43)

Hey there,

Would you mind popping us a DM with a screenshot of your aliases in Big Mail, and a screenshot of your aliases in iCloud so we can take a look?


I did send you a DM, but deleted it as I realised that I’d typed the alias email wrong, silly me!

Just wanted to say, there are some rough areas, but the app looks very promising.

Ahh yes that would explain it – glad it’s sorted! We’ll improve error messages/troubleshooting steps once we have a support section.

And pleased you think Big Mail is looking promising! Do let us know about any areas you think need improvement so we can make sure it’s on our list :memo:.

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Sure will do, if there a roadmap somewhere so that people don’t suggest things that already planned?

The best place to look right now is Known Issues. Whilst not exhaustive it captures our immediate priorities :slight_smile:


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